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In December 2015, SAP commissioned a survey amongst Belgian companies about the state of digital transformation.

The results, combined with the digital expertise of SAP, gives you a revealing insight into the state of the digital revolution in Belgium and how you can react before your company is left behind.

Digital Transformation (inspiration) book


1. Are you digitally fit? Belgian companies are lagging behind
INTERVIEW Patrick Van Deven: “Digital transformation requires much more than technology; it’s also about imagination”


2. The 3 impact areas of digital transformation
2.1 Changing your business models
2.2 Changing your business processes
2.3 Changing the way you work

INTERVIEW Kenneth Stevens: “Companies need to go from innovationto transformation”


3. Should you be behind the wheel of the digital transformation of your company?
3.1 CEO/COO and CDO: The digital instigators
3.2 CMO: The customer side: Sales and Marketing
3.3 CIO: Building the backbone of innovation and delivering to business
3.4 CHRO: Transforming HR processes and changing the way of working
3.5 CFO: Working with line of business in real-time


4. Get digital transformation started in your company: the 5 pillars
4.1 Outcome based customer experience
4.2 Re-platform core business processes and bring together business process and analytics
4.3 A smarter and engaged workforce (employees and contractors)
4.4 Close collaboration with suppliers to accelerate growth innovation
4.5 The use of Assets and Internet of Things to drive real-time insights and new business models

INTERVIEW Tine Vandenbreeden: “It’s all about smarter business!”

Epilogue: Start the engine